Wood Thrush Video Portrait

One of the great joys of living on a large block of forest is hearing the songs of Wood Thrushes almost every day from late April to late July. The ones in this video were all on our property near Easley, and the nest was near our home. While easy to hear, Wood Thrushes are shy birds, and nearly all of the clear views I have had of them were short-lived, especially if my camcorder was with me. Notice that all of the video of prolonged singing was captured when the bird was partially hidden by vegetation.

placeholder image for the Wood Thrush video clip by Carl Gerhardt

The Wood Thrush is a medium-sized thrush with a song whose beauty rivals that of any other bird. Males defend relatively large territories in wooded areas throughout the eastern half of the United States, and females, which are similar in appearance, take the responsibility for nest building.

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  1. There’s a local sanctuary where I lived in SE NY and I stalked about three or four Wood Thrushes for two days there. I got two recordings of the same bird, one the day after the other. I love the Wood Thrush’s song immensely. And I must not forget the time I recorded a Wood Thrush and the recorder was making all sorts of weird crackling noises. I was really crushed but at least I got the other two.

  2. Why does this video have only 1 comment? This is splendid. I love the Rose-Breasted Grosbeak, Eastern Wood-Pewees and other birds in the background. I love the males upright pose when he sings. I agree, that its always wonderful to hear the song of Wood Thrushes.

  3. i like a lot his singing. It’s really interesting almost the end with this little repeateting high frequency. As an old analog synthesiser

    Thank you

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