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NOTE: Individual donations have been put on-hold for the time being as we search for major sources of funding for our fledgling non-profit. Please contact us directly if you have a large donation in mind.

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Lang Elliott – Director

Dear friends:

Miracle of Nature is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit qualifying for tax deductible donations. We are a “grassroots” organization, currently operating on a volunteer basis, but hoping to acquire financial support from individuals who appreciate and enjoy the extraordinary resources we are making available to the public for free.

Why should you support our effort? For us, the “proof is in the pudding,” meaning that you need only experience our online creations to gain an appreciation of the amazing quality of our work and the uniqueness of our approach. Please acquaint yourself with our mission and goals and then check out some of our online content. We think you’ll be impressed.

Launching this website, rich with inspirational multimedia resources, is the fulfillment of a dream that I’ve been nurturing for over forty years. To help make this happen, Miracle of Nature needs your support. Please help us celebrate the wonder and beauty of nature; even a small donation will be sincerely appreciated.

Thank you!
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Donate by Mail: If you wish to make a donation by mail, please send to the following address (and be sure to clearly specify you are making a donation): Miracle of Nature, P.O. Box 84, Ithaca, New York 14851-0084