Foggy Scene

Body Electric
© Lang Elliott 2013, All Rights Reserved

The body is the crucible of the soul, the instrument of the poet, the vessel of love. Through it we explore the world about us, our lives a ceaseless flurry of movement, of activity. If we are alive, it is impossible to be in-active. Embodiment is a gift from the heavens, our senses sharp and acute, allowing us to discover and learn. Through our bodies, we witness creation and connect with the earth, with all that we truly know.

The mind takes refuge in the body, it IS body, just like a hand or foot. Nobody who walks or talks, writes or sings, is without body. And when our body ceases to exist, so do our minds in any conventional sense. Ideas to the contrary are just that … ideas. Why do we struggle so hard to comfort ourselves with the notion that our mind or soul must live on? Why do we act like we know about a hereafter, about re-incarnation, about life after death, when in fact we know nothing? Why do we build elaborate belief systems to reinforce our views? Why can’t we just let the mystery be?

Very few are brave enough to cultivate full open-ness of body, to set fire to the body electric, to taste the world fully with the senses. Very few actually live in complete gratefulness and reverence for this sacred opportunity to be here and now on this verdant earth. We are afraid of so many things, of sickness and death, of failure and success, that we close ourselves off in an attempt to protect ourselves and bring order and control to our existence. But in the process we strangle the life out of ourselves and then work hard to convince ourselves that this is okay, even necessary. We live half a life and then justify it by making up endless excuses along the way.

Why can’t we live simply in complete celebration of the miracle of our existence? Why are we not able to walk softly on this earth, aiming our love outward rather than inward, and nurture all of life, all earthly manifestations that we encounter as we swim through the expansive ocean of life? We are here for only a moment, insignificant blips in the grand sea of time. So why don’t we act accordingly and remain fully alive, electrified, from birth until death?

Peculiar creatures we are to choose life in dark and dreary castles of our own construction, when nature shines so brightly all around.

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