NOTE: This is really nice … providing a very compact way to include audio files inline, and allowing for quick comparisons in lists! I can see many situations in which this would be an optimal way to deal with audio! For example: a guide to birding by ear in which many examples would be inline.

BUT … I notice that audio file buttons must be clicked twice on my iPhone in order to get sounds to play. That’s a bit of a bummer.

This is a test for the harmoniaHarmonia inline audio player. It’s great, allowing for html5 playing of audio from a text link. And what’s more, it inserts a little player button.

While almost perfect for our needs, it does have a major problem … while the little play icon allows for instant playing, the linked text itself opens the browser’s built-in audio player in a different page. That’s no good. I sure do hope there’s an easy fix!

Here is a second instance: harmoniaPlay.

Here we demonstrate a space-saving list of audio examples:

Example #1: Song of the Blee-Blee Bird.
harmoniaExample #2: Song of the Blah-Blah Bird.
harmoniaExample #3: Song of the Blow-Blow Bird.
harmoniaExample #4: Song of the Blum-Blum Bird.