Nature Guides

We are currently hard at work producing promotional prototypes of three formal “Nature Guide” projects. Our Insect Musicians, spearheaded by Wil Hershberger, is actually nearing completion while the other two are still “on the drawing boards”. Click the links below to learn more about these projects:

Our Insect Musicians
Common Birds and their Songs
Frogs and Toads of the East

Other “Nature Guide” projects on our list include the following, and we will add many more as we gradually expand to cover all major nature study themes (with emphasis on eastern and central North America):

• Bird Language: A Primer
• Birding by Ear: Learning Bird Songs for Beginners
• Spotted Salamander Migration
• Monarch Life Cycle
• The Periodical Cicadas
• Yard and Garden Insects
• Red-spotted Newt Life Cycle
• Pond Life