Guides & Interactives

Coming Soon graphicAimed at beginner nature enthusiasts, our online “Nature Guides and Interactives” will be reference-oriented and will have a strong educational emphasis. Unlike our single-page nature vignettes, our nature guides will be multi-page presentations, perhaps best described as “multimedia books or booklets” that cover a wide range of natural history topics.

We are currently hard at work producing promotional prototypes. Content in this section will be organized into four main main categories that will be expanded upon over time:

As the number of our offerings unfold, we will include a “Master List” at the bottom of this page. Content categories may also be accessed via the expandable menu in the right sidebar. Below is a list of proposed guides and interactives.

Nature Guides

  • Our Insect Musicians (currently being produced by Wil Hershberger)
  • Frogs and Toads of the East
  • Common Birds and Their Songs
  • A Guide to Mammal Sounds
  • plus many more

“How To” Guides

  • Nature Videography Techniques
  • Nature Photography Basics
  • Nature Sound Recording
  • The Amateur Naturalist
  • plus many more

Nature Interactives

  • Backyard Birds Interactive (covering 24 common and widespread birds)
  • Common Frogs Interactive (featuring 24 common frogs and toads)
  • plus many more