Common Meadow Katydid (Orchelimum vulgare)

Song of a Common Meadow Katydid (scroll down for explanation and additional recordings!).

insect_musicians_orchel_vulgare_WH_SLIDENot nearly as common as its name implies, the Common Meadow Katydid can sometimes be found in tall grassy or weedy patches along roads or along the edges of open fields. This robust species is easily caught because they typically do not hide when approached. Very similar in appearance to its close relative, the Gladiator Meadow Katydid.

Range Map for Common Meadow Katydid

Common Meadow Katydid

Common Meadow Katydids range from southern Maine south to central Georgia and west to western Oklahoma and north through central North Dakota.

Song: A long series of ticks followed by a dry buzz that starts soft and quickly becomes louder. The frequency range is 10–20 kHz. Sings both day and night.
Sonogram of a Common Meadow Katydid. © Wil Hershberger.



Agile Meadow Katydid

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Meadow Katydids (Tettigoniidae):
Saltmarsh Meadow Katydid
Short-winged Meadow Katydid
Slender Meadow Katydid
Woodland Meadow Katydid
Straight-lanced Meadow Katydid
Agile Meadow Katydid
Black-legged Meadow Katydid
Common Meadow Katydid
Gladiator Meadow Katydid
Handsome Meadow Katydid
Lesser Pine Meadow Katydid
Long-spurred Meadow Katydid
Red-headed Meadow Katydid
Coneheads (Copiphorinae):
Round-tipped Conehead
Nebraska Conehead
Robust Conehead
Slightly Musical Conehead
Sword-bearing Conehead
False Robust Conehead
True Katydids (Pseudophyllinae):
Common True Katydid
False Katydids (Phaneropterinae):
Clicker Round-winged Katydid
Common Virtuoso Katydid
Rattler Round-winged Katydid
Oblong-winged Katydid
Great Angle-wing
Lesser Angle-wing
Broad-winged Bush Katydid
Curved-tailed Bush Katydid
Fork-tailed Bush Katydid
Northern Bush Katydid
Texas Bush Katydid
Treetop Bush Katydid
Shield-backed Katydids (Tettigoniinae):
American Shieldback
Least Shieldback
Protean Shieldback
Robust Shieldback
Roesel’s Katydid


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