Plant and Animal Life Cycles

This project, which is actually a sub-group of our “Nature Guides” content category, will focus on depicting the life cycles of plant and animal groups using various modern multimedia approaches, accompanied by downloadable PDF pamphlets.

These will primarily be aimed at beginner nature enthusiasts and the emphasis will be on readily observable aspects of life cycles. Our concern is not to teach “biology” per se, so we will not dwell on mitosis versus meiosis, etc., nor will we burden our viewers with needlessly complex terms (though some scientific terms will necessarily be used).

The idea is to convey the essence of life cycles simply and artfully, in a way that technical details do not send users running in the opposite direction, screaming “OMG, do they really think I am going to memorize all that stuff?” The sketch below is a fairly “friendly” way of depicting the the life cycle of a fern, where the only technical terms are “sporophyte” and “gametophyte” (reflecting sexual versus non-sexual stages) which we think most folks would understand with minimal explanation.

Fern Life Cycle Diagram

Below are some life cycle projects that we intend to tackle first:

• Monarch Life Cycle
• Red-spotted Newt Life Cycle
• Frog & Toad Life Cycle
• Fungi Life Cycle
• and so forth!