Nature & Music Mixes

Coming Soon graphicWe are very excited about our “music-and-nature” mixes, produced in partnership with various (local) musicians. Our goal is to create a series of sophisticated and unique “CDs,” distributed mostly as digital downloads, that are suitable for meditative immersion. These commercial, fundraising titles will be sold to generate income for Miracle of Nature, as well as causes supported by the musicians themselves.

Sample Experimental Mixes (please leave your comments below):

Spring is Here! Banjo by Richie Stearns. Nature recording by Lang Elliott.

Night in the Pines. Cello and guitar by Hank Roberts. Nature recording by Lang Elliott.

Water Speaking Water. Kalimba by Samite. Nature recording by Lang Elliott.

Crow’s Lament. Violin and synthesizer by Judy Hyman. Nature recording by Lang Elliott.

Cricket Lullaby. Fiddle and guitar by Laurie Hart and Wil Coulter. Nature recording by Lang Elliott.

Local musicians interested in participating include:

  • Richie Stearns (banjo and tenor guitar)
  • Hank Roberts (cello and guitar)
  • Samite (kalimba and various other instruments)
  • Laurie Hart (fiddle)
  • Judy Hyman (fiddle, etc.)
  • Nate Richardson (guitar)
  • plus more



  1. These are wonderful recordings. I would suggest balancing to bring out the nature sounds over the instrumentals. In spring is here, The nature sounds were not well prominent. I’m also dealing with a partial hearing loss in my right ear which doesn’t help. Cricket Lullaby was great; the crickets could be heard throughout.

  2. water speaking water had two of my favorite instruments, the kalimba, which sounds like raindrops hitting parched earth the the fluid and ethereal harp. just beautiful!

  3. Hi Lang- Finally found the time to listen closely to these pieces. They are wonderful and haunting.
    I could picture reading poetry in front of some of these works but don’t think that was meant to be purpose. I especially loves Crow’s Lament and Cricket lullaby. This is the kind of sound I wish I could hear when I read my poems aloud.
    See you soon.

    • Glad you like them Trish. And, sure, you can read poetry or do whatever you want with these recordings. Play them low in the background while entertaining, whatever … it’s all okay with me!

    • Jude: Glad you like them. I look forward to moving ahead with this project, which has been stalled for several years, awaiting my launch of

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