What is the “Nature Bubble”?


NOTE: This is a preliminary essay, subject to considerable revision in the weeks to come.

The Nature Bubble - rough sketch

The Nature Bubble Concept – rough sketch

Entering into the Nature Bubble is a simple exercise where you find a special place outdoors and then connect to wild nature. This meditation can be practiced while sitting or while walking, wherever there is a patch of wildness. In the beginning, it is important to find a spot that is both private and natural, where there will be few interruptions. Once you are familiar with the process, however, you can practice under nearly all conditions … even while walking along a sidewalk in a city, surrounded by the incessant noise and clatter of humankind.

We liken this process to entering into a “bubble,” where you become insulated from the busy-ness and crazy-ness of human society. But it is not exactly a bubble, because it actually helps connects you to the greater calm that surrounds everything … as if an umbilical cord extends outward and upward from the nature bubble, reaching a higher level, and connecting us to a presence far greater than ourselves.

You may ask “Why should I bother with this nature bubble stuff.” An obvious answer is that “it is good for you, it will help you relax and de-stress, and will give you some quality time away from your hectic life.” But there is a deeper reason.

In modern society we have become disconnected from our natural roots, from the earth and the life that inhabits it. We increasingly experience nature through the media, through technology. We see nature in pictures, movies, and wildlife documentaries. And we think about nature through the filters of our beliefs, through abstractions. Nature is experienced as an “other,” a phenomenon that somehow exists outside our personal and human world, outside of society.

Yet the inarguable truth is that we are a part of nature. From the earth we are born and to the earth we return. With every breath and heartbeat, we re-affirm our primal connection. To think otherwise seems rather silly, given the obvious realities of our existence.

It is our belief that spending time in the Nature Bubble and experiencing its beauty, will help us re-discover our roots and experience firsthand our

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