What is NatureWatch?

Vignette Graphic featuring closeup of red eft

NatureWatch is an ever-expanding series of multimedia celebrations that focus on particular animals or plants, or other nature themes. By showcasing the diversity of life found near at hand, we hope to encourage our viewers to “keep close watch” over nature in their own surroundings.

Aimed at nature enthusiasts of all ages, most of our NatureWatch titles feature high-quality video footage and/or photos that provide an intimate exposure to each creature’s personality, “vignettes” that capture the essence or character of its life in motion (we will also celebrate the earth and sky, and other inanimate biospheric forms and phenomena).

At times whimsical, spontaneous, and humorous, such “video vignettes” are at once inspirational and educational, and may even be characterized as reverent meditations or sacred communions with fellow creatures and forms with which we share our surroundings.

Along with our engaging videos, each NatureWatch page includes additional information and media, including the following: introductory essay, photos and range maps, natural history fact list, sound recordings (where appropriate), a section encouraging outdoor experience (“What You Can Do”), and personal notes from the author or cinematographer.

Users may browse our NatureWatch titles in several ways. One is via our NatureWatch Archive, which features all our published titles, arranged by date. Alternatively, titles may be explored by category via the right sidebar collapsible menu. Sequential viewing is easy; just click the “next” or “previous” link at the bottom of a NatureWatch page.