Being In Nature


Child at edge of pond

Being in Nature will be a collection of informal, narrated videos about what it is like to be outdoors, immersed and captivated by the myriad forms of nature. Aimed at adults and children alike, episodes will cover the variety of ways that one can take joy in the natural world.

While our NatureWatch titles focus on the animals and plants themselves, our Being In Nature episodes are about the human experience of nature … the excitement of being outdoors, individually or in groups, exploring, discovering, relaxing, and otherwise having a good time!

Through these videos, we hope to encourage people to take advantage of their inborn attraction to nature (biophilia), which makes it easy for nearly everyone to enter into a magical “nature bubble” and become so absorbed that the cares and worries of everyday life simply melt away.



  1. I am anxious to know when your new “Being in Nature” videos will be available. And I am so excited about your entire webwsite!

    I work with developmentally disabled adults and want to start a program at their level to explore and appreciate Nature. Hopefully instill curiosity, energy, healing meditation, awe, education, fun, comeradary that being in nature creates in us. Your website looks like a perfect resource.

    An uneducated but devoted nature lover,
    Mary Keogh

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